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Quick and easy to place orders. Purchased the last item. Lucky me. Thank you RIDDEX Quad Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Wave Mosqui 10/02/2019
Very good Anti Fatigue 5-Pinhole Stenopeic Vision Improve Ey 07/26/2019
Thank for sending my order. All arrived in very nice condition. Testing it to see if I feel sth High Technology Health Scalar Energy Quantum Penda 04/21/2019
I am happy what I got. Thanks! Anti-Myopia Eye Exercise Anti-fatigue Pinhole Sung 06/23/2018
got it right away no problems great seller NEW! XM2SPro Intelligent Watch Fitness Tracker Blo 05/19/2018
I like the red colored bracelet a lot. Please send me one in that color. Power Ionics 3000 ions IDEA BAND Sports Titanium B 04/06/2018
Product worked fine but delivery was real slow. Other wise ok. Electric Pulse Energy Meridians Automatic Test Poi 10/02/2017
Transactions was very simply. I hope the product is as good as the reviews I've read.... 6000cc High Ion Bio Chi Quantum Pendant Scalar Ene 09/02/2017
I have a fat lab who pulls me almost off of my feet. This lead is great for stopping the pulling. Instant Anti Pulling Training Dog Leash 07/10/2017
Great lead really does work my dog used to pull quite a bit but now our walks are so easy. Instant Anti Pulling Training Dog Leash 04/10/2017
Package came in perfect condition. Informed of any changes or delays. Would recommend. R-Watch M26S Bluetooth Smart Watch w LED Display M 03/03/2017
Arrived on time, and the quality was better than I expected. Definitely worth the cop High Technology Health Scalar Energy Quantum Penda 01/16/2017
Very good shopping experience from a helpful merchant. Electric Intelligent Robot Remote Controlled RC Da 12/22/2016
Nice watch. Service was very good, able to track the delivery and know when it was due to arrive. New 2016 Model! TW64 PRO Heart Rate Monitor Watch 09/23/2016
Excellent product fantastic value for money Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch Fitness Activity Tracker 05/17/2016
Quick delivery and in brand new condition! Healthy Negative Ion SPA Filtered Shower Head 10/20/2015
Great product Healthy Negative Ion SPA Filtered Shower Head 09/22/2015