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Thank you for the cute coloring book! ^o^ Shoujo Coloring Book #07 03/26/2018
thank you Kawaii Mix Notepad, etc. 05/02/2017
great, cracked cd case though. Rurouni Kenshin OST (SM Media) 03/06/2017
Great Book and Great Seller - Thank you so much!!!! Hamutaro Coloring Book #4 02/10/2016
I Sailor Moon Notepad Stationary 11/21/2015
Excellent seller!! There was clear communication. Will purchase again from this seller Studio Ghibli Mononoke Hime Shitajiki, etc. 10/05/2015
Absolutely wonderful product, I'm glad I bought it. It didn't come torn or dented, best book i own!! Paint JUMP: Naruto Coloring ArtBook 09/10/2015
Fast delivery and careful packaging!! :) Eyeshield 21 Character Pins: Kongo Bros. Agon & Un, etc. 08/31/2015
Love it! Glad i could find this, little worn thi mayve missed that in description, good packing! APPLESEED BOOK 1: THE PROMETHEAN CHALLENGE 08/20/2015
fast shipping! Fushigi Yuugi Playing Cards 06/08/2015
Great items, fast shipping! Thank you [078] Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi: Phosphorus, etc. 03/07/2015
Very prompt. Well packaged and shipped. (Set #08) Suite PreCure Coloring Books, etc. 01/23/2014
The RK Shitajikis r amazing, Ty! Arrived fast, gr8 prices, packed well, wonderful seller. Rurouni Kenshin Shitajiki #19, etc. 12/18/2013
Great communication, let me know right away the contents of a doujin, and updated me on shipping. Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: ALL OOkeah!! (PINK Cover), etc. 10/02/2013
Easy to use, great with fast and clean shipping. Products arrived in great condition. Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: Silent (HiruMamo), etc. 09/25/2013
Very fast with quick responses and very secure packaging. Definitely someone to order from again. Prince of Tennis Doujinshi Yaoi, Hyotei Jiroh x Ry, etc. 07/30/2013
Packaged well and exactly as described, thanks. Prince of Tennis Doujinshi Yaoi, Goldenpair, etc. 07/20/2013
Great seller! Everything as described! Will buy from again!!^^ Sailor Moon Notepad Stationary, etc. 06/12/2013
Fast shipping, great price and great communication! Urusei Yatsura Cloth Hand Towels 06/07/2013
Thanks for gorgerous coloring books! And for nice presents! Great seller! Sailor Moon S Mini Coloring Book Set #02 (B), etc. 05/25/2013
Cards are beautiful!! Fast shipping!! Highly recommend!! Will buy from again!! A+++ Official Sailor Moon S Laminated Card #05, etc. 05/13/2013
Easy to use site. Very happy with transaction. Thank you. InuYasha Coloring Books #01-02 03/26/2013
Thanks for coloring books! And especially thanks for gift! ^_^ Sailor Moon R Mini Coloring Book Set #02 (B) White, etc. 03/25/2013
Item arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Very satisfied with my purchase. One Piece Doujinshi - Family Anthology 03/07/2013
So happy to find these books available and in good condition-speedy shipping too! Plain Jane, A House for the Season, Book 2, etc. 02/28/2013
Items were well packaged, exactly as described, and arrived very quickly. Am very pleased. Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: Close Quarters Battle (Rui, etc. 02/26/2013
Thanks for coloring books and gift! Nice seller and quick shipping! Sailor Moon S Mini Coloring Book Set #03 (C), etc. 02/13/2013
Perfect Ah! My Goddess Shitajiki #5 (Skuld) 02/08/2013
Thanks for coloring books! Hope to deal with you again! Sailor Moon SuperS Mini Coloring Book #1 ( C II ), etc. 01/15/2013
Thanks for coloring books and stickers! Nice deal! Sailor Moon Coloring Book (Chinese) 03, etc. 01/15/2013
~*5 STAR SELLER~*VERY FAST SHIPPING~*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED~*MERRY CHRISTMAS~*AAAAAA++++++++++++++++++++ Naruto Coloring Book #2 12/15/2012
great experience, thank you! Jump Festa 2005 Naruto Poster by Kishimoto Masashi 12/12/2012
Many thanks for such GREAT coloring books! Sailor Moon Mini Coloring Book #3 ( B III ), etc. 12/09/2012
~*5 STAR SELLER~*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED~*FAST SHIPPING~*GREAT TO DEAL WITH~*AWESOME~*A++++++++++++++++++ Sailor Moon S Coloring Book Gold (A) 11/28/2012
Thanks! Prince of Tennis Doujinshi Yaoi, Goldenpair, etc. 11/21/2012
Merchandise arrived promptly and as advertised. Very satisfied! Disney Activity & Coloring Book #2, etc. 11/14/2012
Thanks for great coloring books and gifts! Hope to deal with you again! Sailor Moon Coloring Book (C), etc. 10/30/2012
Many thanks for great coloring books! Great seller and great stuff! ^^ Sailor Moon S Mini Coloring Book #3 ( Q I ), etc. 10/17/2012
Many thanks for such beautiful coloring books! Hope to deal with you again! Sailor Moon Stars Mini Coloring Book #2 ( A I ), etc. 10/05/2012
Great seller, will buy from again! thanks. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 09/28/2012
Thank you. Bleach Doujinshi (Aizen/Gin Ichimaru) 09/08/2012
Very fast shipping! Thanks for the extras! Sailor Moon World Coloring Book #1 ( Z 1 ) 08/31/2012
Perfect and everything was packaged great. Thanks! Prince of Tennis Art Book 30.5, etc. 08/29/2012
Everything is perfect, thanks! Prince of Tennis Doujinshi Yaoi, Goldenpair, etc. 08/17/2012
exactily what i orderd, fast shipping Prince of Tennis Doujinshi Yaoi, Rikkai Yukimura R 07/25/2012
Wonderful seller, perfect items. A++ Clamp Shitajiki #17 (Magic Knight Rayearth), etc. 06/17/2012
exactly what I was expecting to get, very straight forward:) Naruto Shippuden + Zatch Bell Coloring Book Pack 06/06/2012
Awesome seller, the item was just as described, and the shipping was quick too. Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: What Goes On (HiruMamo, Sh 04/22/2012
Shipped v quickly and in wonderful condition! Thank you! Recommended seller. Bleach Doujinshi (Ikkaku/Yumichika) 04/21/2012
Doujin was as ordered and shipped quickly! Japanese Doujinshi: ZAOUGUMI / KODOMOKEIBITAI 04/20/2012
good condition as described, fast delivery and good comunication. Prince of Tennis Doujinshi Yaoi - 2 book set 02/22/2012
Excellent transaction! Perfect item, immediate shipping! I Bleach Character Key Chain 02/19/2012
excellent experience Pokemon Coloring Book Taiwan CB4, etc. 02/11/2012
She is great and responded quickly to my email as well Shugo Chara! Coloring Book #1 11/28/2011
Quick shipping, packed nicely, stellar condition, courteous service! Origami Paper - DIA Harmony, etc. 11/22/2011
perfect transaction, good communication, thank you so much Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi - Gareki no Oukoku 11/22/2011
Very satistified with quality of merchandise, high-quality merchandise, will buy from again Gokujyo!! Mechamote Iincho Coloring Book #1, etc. 11/09/2011
Thank you! You've done the job. You're a very good seller, so keep it up. (That item is so girly...) Kirarin Revolution Coloring Book #1 11/08/2011
Super speedy delivery :) Pokemon Coloring Book #19, etc. 11/07/2011
great seller!!! super fast shipping!!! thanks!!! =) Official Sailor Moon S Laminated Card #06, etc. 10/31/2011
Everything shipped quickly in great condition. This store has quite an individualistic selection! Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: anata ni ... (Musa x Hiru , etc. 10/31/2011
Great seller! I'll buy from her again and again! Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: Painkiller (HiruMamo), etc. 10/14/2011
Great seller! Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: Safety (HiruMamo), etc. 10/05/2011
Fantastic seller! So nice, she's amazing! love her love her love her! Pokemon Coloring Book #18, etc. 10/02/2011
Excellent service and delivery! Sailor Moon S Coloring Book #12, etc. 06/23/2011
As described. Fast shipping. Thanks! Clamp Shitajiki #20 (Tsubasa Chronicles) 06/11/2011
Great seller, fast shipping, always very reliable. Sailor Moon Doujinshi: Kowasarete (Fanbook 15) 06/09/2011
thank you very much...!!! Marmalade Boy Coloring Book #1, etc. 06/07/2011
Received quickly and in great condition Naruto Doujinshi: Promises 06/02/2011
thanks are very beautiful ...!!! Sailor Moon Coloring Book #7, etc. 05/24/2011
Everything OK. Thank you very much :) Bleach Doujinshi - Tsubaki (byakuya / renji), etc. 05/06/2011
Thank you for the coloring book, my lil boy loves it! Pingu Coloring Book #1 03/15/2011
Perfect packaging, fast shipping, excellent seller Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: Fantastic Transfer (HiruMa 03/04/2011
WOULD BUY FROM AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! A+++ Sailor Moon Coloring Book #3, etc. 03/02/2011
Awesome All Around, A+++++ :) Sailor Moon S Coloring Book #11+12, etc. 03/02/2011
Very good communication and timely processing of order. Nice experience. Shugo Chara! Coloring Book #1 02/24/2011
Great Seller!! Very Fast Shipping!! Bleach Doujinshi - Welt Snow 02/15/2011
Great communication Pokemon Coloring Book 4-Pack #01 01/07/2011
Excellent service, fast shipping! A+++ Seller Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: Let Me Thank You (HiruMamo, etc. 01/04/2011
Lovely coloring books! Items sent quickly and very well packaged! Gr8 tranaction! Wonderful Seller! Shoujo Coloring Book #01 (Princess World), etc. 12/04/2010
Shoppin is very easy!! The collection is very lovely! Shoujo Coloring Book #09, etc. 10/17/2010
Fast communication after the order, great packaging and fast delivery. Great seller. Cosmo-Beauty Shitajiki, etc. 09/25/2010
All arrived safe :) Bleach Doujinshi - Karasa (renji / byakuya), etc. 09/23/2010
The doujins arrived safe and sound :) Bleach Doujinshi - Junai - Shijyo (byakuya / renji, etc. 08/10/2010
Have dealt w/you before and was very pleased with the items that we received. Made my sisters day! Kirarin Revolution Coloring Book #2 + Dress-Up Dol, etc. 06/18/2010
never a problem. Dragonball Z Coloring Book #12 (NEW) 06/08/2010
Excellent service! Fantastic doujinshis and extremely quick shipping! Thanks! A+++ Bleach Doujinshi (Kenpachi), etc. 05/06/2010
quick delivery good product Fresh Precure! Coloring Books #1-3 05/03/2010
Awesome, thanks =) Lots of stickers!!!!!!!!!! Get Backers Stickers 04/26/2010
I am extremly happy with my purchases and the seller is wonderful. Dragonball GT Coloring Book #1, etc. 04/14/2010
Fast shipping, product in excellent condition :) Eyeshield 21 Character Pin: Hiruma 04/11/2010
I bsoultley love it! This will keep me busy for hours on end! Sailor Moon Satchel or Small Case, etc. 04/07/2010
Fast & efficient. High recommendation!!!! Macross Postcards 03/29/2010
Excellent prices and communication; speedy and safe shipping. Would definitely buy from again! A++ Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: Musashi x Hiruma Zenji Pac, etc. 03/25/2010
THANKS FOR THE COLORING BOOKS***ALWAYS COME BACK***CAN WAIT FOR NEW COLORING BOOKS*** Anime Coloring Books 4-Pack (Naruto + Dinosaur Kin, etc. 03/17/2010
I am so happy. I have been looking all over for a dbz color book & you have them!! Dragonball Z Coloring Book #1 03/11/2010
very quick, nicely packaged, would order again Naruto Stickers #2 Naruto + Ozchimazu, etc. 03/08/2010
Absolutley LOVE this coloring book! Many Thanx! Ojamajo Doremi Coloring Book #1 03/03/2010
Outstanding service! Excellent doujinshi and great shipping! Thanks! Bleach Doujinshi (Kenpachi) 02/26/2010
Quick shipping, EXCELLENT price, great item. Thanks! Bleach Doujinshi (Urahara/Ichigo), etc. 02/04/2010
awesome!! Sailor Moon Coloring Book #3, etc. 01/27/2010
Quick arrival of products. Products were in condition described. Overall excellent service. Pokemon Coloring Book #17, etc. 01/23/2010
Good Card Captor Sakura Coloring Book #1, etc. 01/15/2010
Very good, thank you. Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi (Roy / Edward), etc. 12/13/2009
Nice items, great price Bleach Doujinshi - Buriya (gin / iduru), etc. 12/04/2009
Very fast shipping! Great condition Pokemon Coloring Book #19 11/05/2009
THANKS VERY MUCH FOR THE COLORING BOOKS, I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE THANKS! AAA+++ Sailor Moon World Coloring Book #2, etc. 10/29/2009
Great! Thank you ;D Bleach Doujinshi (Urahara/Ichigo), etc. 10/23/2009
Great!!!! Thanks!!!!!! Pokemon Coloring Book USA #1, etc. 09/21/2009
a real pleasure to deal with, friendly/excellant communication, a+++ seller Anime Coloring Books 4-Pack No.07 (Kirarin Revolut 09/18/2009
item was as described, timely delivery Rurouni Kenshin Shitajiki #22 09/07/2009
Quick shipping, as described. Girls's Anime Coloring Books 10-Pack No.01 08/15/2009
Fast shipping,great product! Will recommend. Amuro Namie CD Original Tracks Vol.1 07/06/2009
fine Studio Ghibli Totoro Pencil Case (red) RARE 06/21/2009
Quick and in perfect condition Yes! Precure 5 Go Go Coloring Book #1 06/12/2009
They were wonderfully packaged and it was a quick delivery! :D Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi: Honey Days, etc. 05/28/2009
quality product! my daughter is thrilled! thanks! Naruto Coloring Book #3 05/13/2009