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Shipment took only 1 to 2 weeks and i didnt expect it to be that soon :) Buy Rare Sapodilla Fruit Tree Seeds 60pcs Plant He 01/23/2019
I have never received my order. Buy Jackfruit Tree Seeds 12pcs Plant Pineapple Tre 01/15/2019
recieved pakage as described and very fast shipping. Thank you. Buy Black Nightshade Herb Seed 100pcs Plant Herba 01/09/2019
The packet arrived in excellent condition all the way from China with a cheap delivery fee ($1). Buy Black Cucumis Melon Seeds 60pcs Plant Sweet Me 12/14/2018
have not received this pack yet. Jie Geng 桔梗, Radix Platycodi, Platycodon Grand 12/07/2018
They never sent the product , don’t use them. This is a scam. Buy Eustoma Lisianthus Flower Seeds 200pcs Plant M 12/05/2018
Good service Buy Pelargonium Graveolens Seeds 100pcs Plant Herb 11/17/2018
name wrong on shipping label c/o Bonnie Morrill Buy Real Peru Maca Seeds 200pcs Plant Lepidium Mey 11/07/2018
The shipment name difficulties

Seller's reply: hi, good day, if you want correct name, please contact us by email, do not write here with bad feedback, it is not good for us. thank you.
Buy Real Peru Maca Seeds 200pcs Plant Lepidium Mey 11/07/2018
A+++ Buy Hosta Plantaginea Flower Seeds 60pcs Plant Hos 10/21/2018
The item is very old, not properly dired and is rotting. Never buy again. Rou Cong Rong 肉蓯蓉, Herba Cistanche, Desertli 10/10/2018
I have not received the Order yet. Buy Moringa Tree Seeds 80pcs Plant Moringa Oleifer 09/18/2018
Good fast delivery Gui Hua 桂花, Flos Osmanthi Fragrantis, Mu Xi Hu 08/12/2018
Shipped on time, good service. Buy Mulberry Tree Seeds 200pcs Plant Chinese Fruct 08/07/2018
good service Buy Barley Seeds 150pcs Plant Grain Hordeum Vulgar 07/20/2018
I ordered 200g (2 bags) but only received 100g (1 bag). Please send another bag or refund. Jin Yin Hua 金銀花, Flos Lonicera Japonica, Hon 07/08/2018
Totally satisfied. Buy Evergreen Grass Seeds 200pcs Plant Low Ophiopo 06/30/2018
Shipping was very fast. The fruits were extremely small. I've never seen the monk fruits this tiny. Luo Han Guo 羅漢果, Grosvener Siraitia, Fructus 06/18/2018
Very professional order management. Good quality product. Guangxi Hei Ma Yi 黑蚂蚁, Polyrachis Ants, Blac 06/10/2018
Cant rate something I have not received Buy Cleomes Gynandrae Seeds 100pcs Plant Spiderflo 06/01/2018
Very good link from you to my email to pay ..PayPal has no reliable system to change old foneNoz. Buy Jaboticaba Fruit Seeds 60pcs Plant Tree Grapes 05/24/2018
Hello, I have NOT received the seeds. Please advise Elizabeth Buy Chinese Date Fruit Tree Seeds 25pcs Plant Zizi, etc. 05/21/2018
Excellent Black Goji Berry 250g Chinese Wild Black Gouji Org 05/10/2018
came in good time, no hassle Buy Tortoise Shell Bamboo Tree Seeds 100pcs Plant 04/02/2018
Fast postage - Not yet seeded out Buy Real Gynostemma Herb Seeds 100pcs Plant Herbal 03/26/2018
Good tea. Yong Chun Fo Shou Tea 100g Chinese Kungfu Oolong T, etc. 03/26/2018
very quick and reliable Buy Cleomes Gynandrae Seeds 100pcs Plant Spiderflo 03/13/2018
I have not received my order yet. Buy Albizia Julibrissin Tree Seeds 60pcs Plant Sil 03/08/2018
Where is my seeds ????? Buy Winter Sweet Prunus Mume Tree Seeds 60pcs Plan 03/06/2018
Easy process Buy Elaeocarpus Decipiens Tree Seeds 30pcs Plant E 02/24/2018
Good prompt delivery from so far away. Thank you Buy Salvia Miltiorrhiza Seeds 100pcs Plant Chinese 02/22/2018
I haven’t received the order yet. Buy Sorghum Sudanense Seeds 500pcs Plant Sorghum G 11/25/2017
delivered in a reasonable amount of time. The true test is germination which done this winter Buy Real Gynostemma Herb Seeds 400pcs Plant Herbal 11/17/2017
I emailed seller to correct my address, it was acknowledge, but still shipped with the wrong Apt no. Buy Cleomes Gynandrae Seeds 400pcs Plant Spiderflo 11/05/2017
Smooth transaction, easy to use website. Buy Citrus Medica Sarcodactylis Tree Seeds 30pcs P 10/12/2017