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I ordered 200g (2 bags) but only received 100g (1 bag). Please send another bag or refund. Jin Yin Hua 金銀花, Flos Lonicera Japonica, Hon 07/08/2018
Totally satisfied. Buy Evergreen Grass Seeds 200pcs Plant Low Ophiopo 06/30/2018
Shipping was very fast. The fruits were extremely small. I've never seen the monk fruits this tiny. Luo Han Guo 羅漢果, Grosvener Siraitia, Fructus 06/18/2018
Very professional order management. Good quality product. Guangxi Hei Ma Yi 黑蚂蚁, Polyrachis Ants, Blac 06/10/2018
Cant rate something I have not received Buy Cleomes Gynandrae Seeds 100pcs Plant Spiderflo 06/01/2018
Very good link from you to my email to pay ..PayPal has no reliable system to change old foneNoz. Buy Jaboticaba Fruit Seeds 60pcs Plant Tree Grapes 05/24/2018
Hello, I have NOT received the seeds. Please advise Elizabeth Buy Chinese Date Fruit Tree Seeds 25pcs Plant Zizi, etc. 05/21/2018
Excellent Black Goji Berry 250g Chinese Wild Black Gouji Org 05/10/2018
came in good time, no hassle Buy Tortoise Shell Bamboo Tree Seeds 100pcs Plant 04/02/2018
Fast postage - Not yet seeded out Buy Real Gynostemma Herb Seeds 100pcs Plant Herbal 03/26/2018
Good tea. Yong Chun Fo Shou Tea 100g Chinese Kungfu Oolong T, etc. 03/26/2018
very quick and reliable Buy Cleomes Gynandrae Seeds 100pcs Plant Spiderflo 03/13/2018
I have not received my order yet. Buy Albizia Julibrissin Tree Seeds 60pcs Plant Sil 03/08/2018
Where is my seeds ????? Buy Winter Sweet Prunus Mume Tree Seeds 60pcs Plan 03/06/2018
Easy process Buy Elaeocarpus Decipiens Tree Seeds 30pcs Plant E 02/24/2018
Good prompt delivery from so far away. Thank you Buy Salvia Miltiorrhiza Seeds 100pcs Plant Chinese 02/22/2018
I haven’t received the order yet. Buy Sorghum Sudanense Seeds 500pcs Plant Sorghum G 11/25/2017
delivered in a reasonable amount of time. The true test is germination which done this winter Buy Real Gynostemma Herb Seeds 400pcs Plant Herbal 11/17/2017
I emailed seller to correct my address, it was acknowledge, but still shipped with the wrong Apt no. Buy Cleomes Gynandrae Seeds 400pcs Plant Spiderflo 11/05/2017
Smooth transaction, easy to use website. Buy Citrus Medica Sarcodactylis Tree Seeds 30pcs P 10/12/2017