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Arrived internationally, well packed, exactly as described. 1876 3 Cent Copper Nickel. Nice Circulated Coin. 01/07/2021
I hadn’t any problems. I will check them out in the future. 1907 $10 Gold Certificate, Fr#1167, Vernon/Treat. 11/10/2020
Seller lied, said he sent smaller, way less value coins instead. Then canceled the sale. HUGE LIAR.

Seller's reply: Call prior to placing order. Not hard to follow instructions. PLEASE READ!
2016 W, GOLD, Standing Liberty , Commemorative. 10 08/09/2020
Fast service. Wonderful transaction 1900 Morgan Dollar, Circulated Coin. #4047, etc. 11/12/2019
Didn't have the item.

Seller's reply: Immediate refund issued. As per our listings, items may sell prior to removal from e-store.
1950-C $5 Federal Reserve Note. Star Note Collecti 10/15/2019
A little mix up with the shipment but it was corrected very quickly. 1907 Barber Dime. Very Fine Circulated Coin. Sto, etc. 10/07/2019
No problems, coins were received as advertised 1951-S 50C Franklin Half Dollar. Nice Circulated C, etc. 10/07/2019
Some GREAT Coins, THX. ! 1895 Barber Quarter. Very Good Plus Circulated Co, etc. 09/28/2019
Thx.. ! 1901-O Barber Half Dollar. Very Good Circulated C, etc. 09/22/2019
Thx. ! 1904 Barber Half Dollar. Very Good Circulated Coi, etc. 09/13/2019
Fast Delivery and packaged well. Coin was as stated. Great transaction! AAA+++ 2011 American Silver Eagle. 25th Anniversary Label 09/10/2019
Thanks ! 1906-O Barber Half Dollar. Good Circulated Coin. , etc. 09/08/2019
Thanks for The Halves,! 1904-O Barber Half Dollar. Good Circulated Coin. , etc. 09/06/2019
These Barbers never cut my hair .. ? 1908-O Barber Half Dollar. Good Circulated Coin. , etc. 08/30/2019
Great looking coins ! 1834 Cap Bust Dime. Large 4, Circulated Coin. Sto, etc. 08/25/2019
Nice Barbers! 1912 Barber Dime. Very Fine Circulated Dime. Stor, etc. 08/12/2019
Website was easy to use. 1852 Seated Liberty Half Dime. Circulated Coin. St, etc. 08/03/2019
Integrity1coins was a great seller. The coin arrives quick and exactly as described. A+ transaction 1889-O Morgan Silver Dollar, Nice Circulated Coin. 08/03/2019
Excellent Transaction! I highly recommend this Seller. A+ 1862 Seated Liberty Quarter. Civil War Date. Cir, etc. 08/01/2019
Thanks for the diverse listings. 1831 Capped Bust Dime. Well Circualted Condition. , etc. 07/13/2019
Giving a home to well circulated coins 1827 Capped Bust Dime. Well Circualed Good Detaile, etc. 07/05/2019
Fast service and high quality. I am very happy with my purchase. 2001-D Kennedy Half Dollar. Brilliant Uncirculated, etc. 06/15/2019
Thx. 1821 Capped Bust Dime. Early Date Circulated Coin., etc. 06/14/2019
Exactly as advertised. Smooth transaction and quick delivery. Answered questions before purchase. 2003-W Proof American Silver Eagle. NGC Graded, P 06/14/2019
Ya hi um actually I ordered twice because I didnt know if it went throw and don't know why it would 1883 Liberty Nickel. NICE BOLD STRIKE. AU Coin. CS 06/14/2019
Did not get coin. Item was not in stock even after seller confirmed it was. He did refund money. 1867 1C Indian Head Penny. Choice Red, Brown. NGC 06/10/2019
Thx. ! 2016-W Proof American Silver Eagle. Lettered Edge, 06/08/2019
Great coin. It will add to any collection. 1999-S Silver Proof Quarter. Pennsylvania. NGC PF 06/02/2019
Historically Interesting ! 1993 American Silver Eagle, Brilliant UN-Circulate, etc. 05/29/2019
Thank you for quick transaction 2019-W Lincoln Shield Cents. First "W" Mint Mark C 05/21/2019
Thanks ! $1 State Bank of New Brunswick. Remainder Note. Ni, etc. 05/15/2019
Very nice coin. Arrived right on time. 1978-D Eisenhower Brilliant UN-Circualted Dollar. 05/11/2019
Great "Stuff" ! 1852 $1 The Bank of Washtenaw, One Dollar, Obsolet, etc. 05/10/2019
Thanks !! Roman Empire, Ancient Coin. Caracalla, AD 198-217., etc. 05/08/2019
Timely delivery. Exactly what ordered. 1982 Lincoln Memorial Penny. 7 Coin Set. 05/06/2019
Thanks for the listing ! 1773 Continental Currency. Very First Paper Money 05/03/2019
Handsome Bill ! 1899 $1 Silver Certificate. Black Eagle. Nice Col 04/28/2019
Great Pennsy Currency! Roman Empire Ancient Coin. Affordable. She-Wolf , etc. 04/25/2019
A Chronicle of the Past ! Venice Italy, Ancient Collectible Coin. Andrea Con, etc. 04/19/2019
Well covered with $1.00 Horse Blanket ! 1923 $1.00 Large Size Silver Certificate. "Horse 04/16/2019
Not very easy to deal with. Overcharges on shipping. Will not accept counter offer..

Seller's reply: Customer, ordered, cancelled, re-ordered, cancelled. Quickly Refunded.
1896 Barber Dime. About Good Circulated Coin. Sto 04/08/2019
Thx. ! 1862 Ten Cents, Brunswick County, Ten Cents Obsole, etc. 04/08/2019
Coins ordered March 25th ? Ancient Coin. 9 B.C to 40 A.D. NGC Graded. Naba, etc. 04/07/2019
The right Lincoln, for the right space. THANKS !! 1970-S Lincoln Memorial Penny. Small Date. Highl 04/04/2019
Excellent service....quick and prompt. 1993 Washington Quarter, 3 Coin Collection. "P", " 03/31/2019
Thanks much... ! 1902 Barber Dime. Choice Problem Free Extra Fine -, etc. 03/31/2019
Thx. !! 2013-W Proof American Silver Eagle. NGC Graded, P 03/30/2019
Some Fine Engraving ! 25 Cents, Third Issue. Fractional Currency. Green , etc. 03/27/2019
Great looking coin 1998-S Kennedy Silver Half Dollar, **SILVER PROOF* 03/25/2019
Thx. ! Roman Empire, Ancient Collectible Coin, AD 161-180, etc. 03/25/2019
very happy with service and product 2003-D Sacagawea Dollar. Removed from Mint Set. 03/23/2019
Item was ordered and paid for, then immediately cancelled and refunded....was out of stock. 2005 U.S. Marines Silver Dollar Commemorative Set. 03/21/2019
This makes cents.... ! 1858 1C Flying Eagle Cents. Large Letters. Good Ci, etc. 03/16/2019
When with Roman coins, buy one ! Roman Empire, Ancient Collectible Coin, AD 193-211 03/14/2019
Easy to order, item arrived on time and was just as advertised.... 1886 Indian Head Penny. Type-2. Nice X.F. + Circu 03/12/2019
Nice to see more items ! Sasanian Empire, Ancient Silver Coin, AD 591-628. 03/08/2019
Cool stuff no problem 1864 10 Cent Fractional Currency - Well Circulated 03/06/2019
The original listing was for a quarter, not a half dollar. I checked several times prior to ordering

Seller's reply: Why did you not report our error, We gladly would of corrected our mistake.
1866-S Seated Liberty Half Dollar. Good Circulated 03/01/2019
Moments after placing my order I had an apology with refund. It turned out he didn't have the set. 2013 2 Coin American Eagle Set. Special Issue. 03/01/2019
Thx. ! KUSHAN Kingdom, Ancient Coin. 1st - 2nd Centuries 02/28/2019
Thx. ! Looks like a relative ? Greek Ancient Coinage. Affordable Ancient. NGC C 02/27/2019
Nice Looking Ancients ! Roman Empire. Faustina Jr. AD 147-175/6. Golden Ag, etc. 02/22/2019
Thx !! Romano-Gallic Empire. Ancient Coin. 269-271 AD. 02/17/2019
Exact coin as pictured and described received very quickly - a real pleasure to deal with! Awesome!! 1883 Morgan Silver Dollar. Circulated Coin. Stor 02/11/2019
Frisco Birds make the BEST !! 2012-S Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle. NGC Gr 02/09/2019
Item arrived as expected. Condition as advertised. Smooth transaction 2011-S, American Silver Eagle, TOP GRADE, NGC, MS- 02/09/2019
It's the small coins that are important ! 1858 1C Flying Eagle Penny. Small Letters. Very Go, etc. 01/25/2019
My three set I have bought from then love them great product and service. Eisenhower Dollar Collection - Complete 1971-1978 12/05/2018
Thx. ! 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. Toning Obverse 12/04/2018
Thank you for your time and consideration the coin is the best I ever seen. But where is my other or 1969-S 1C Lincoln Memorial Penny. Brilliant Proof 11/30/2018
The product, I just bought, has great quality and was also affordable priced, all in all a good deal 1993-P Proof American Silver Eagle. Ultra Cameo. 11/30/2018
Very helpful! I will definitely be a repeat customer. 1914-D $2.50 Dollar. Gold Indian Head Coin. Seek 11/27/2018
Great Stuff ! 1972 UlS. Issued Mint Set. 10 Coins, "P" and "D" I, etc. 11/25/2018
Thanks for GREAT Service !! 2002 American Silver Eagle. Excellent Gift, Or Ad 11/23/2018
The Best comes in 3 cent pieces ! 1853 Three Cent Silver Trimes. Very Good Circulate, etc. 11/21/2018
Nice one, thanks ! 1988 Silver American Proof Eagle. Nice Eye Appeal 11/16/2018
US Mint should do these once every year 2013 2 Coin American Eagle Set. Special Issue. 11/15/2018
Best Things in Three (s) ..cent coppers. 1867 Three Cent Copper Nickel. Good - Problem Free, etc. 11/10/2018
The Mint at its Best Artistry! 2012 American Silver Eagle. 2 Coin Set. Certified 11/09/2018
Keep up the good work. 2008-W American Silver Eagle. PROOF STRIKE. NG, etc. 11/03/2018
Thanks for the selection ! 1974-S Eisenhower Dollar. Silver Proof. "Brown Bo, etc. 11/03/2018
Thanks for the coins ! 1974-S Eisenhower Dollar. CHOICE CLAD PROOF., etc. 11/01/2018
VERY helpful dealer! I had made a mistake in what I bought, and they very quickly and painlessly 1840 Seated Liberty Half Dollar Extra Fine Circul 10/30/2018
Thx. !! 2000-P Proof American Silver Eagle. In-Stock and , etc. 10/24/2018
Very helpful on a problem with USPS delivery to me, got a quick response and resolution. 1937-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar. "SUPER COIN S 10/24/2018
Nickel-odeon Freak, I guess ? 1938-D Buffalo Nickel. Gem Brilliant UN-Circulate, etc. 10/24/2018
Saw him, as a kid, when he was campaigning 1960, in Levittown Shopping Center. THX. ! 2007 Presidential Proof Coins, etc. 10/20/2018
Interesting 1873 Three Cent Copper Nickel. Good Circualted Con, etc. 10/19/2018
DID NOT DELIVER ORDER AMT. $ 100 + 8.45 shipping WAS REFUNDED (?) ORIG. ORDERED 10/2/2018

Seller's reply: A complete refund was issued on this order, Out of stock. Item plus shipping. please check your statement.
1877-S Seated Liberty Halve Dollar. NGC VF-25. 10/18/2018
Shipped fast. Item as advertised. 1870 Seated Liberty Half Dime. Nice Circualted Coi 10/16/2018
Gorgeous Workmanship and Artistry ! 2000-P Proof American Silver Eagle. In-Stock and , etc. 10/14/2018
I am 100% impressed with ecrater and integritycoins! My first experience here and I'll be back!!! 1920-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar. **STORE SALE*, etc. 10/13/2018
Gold plate it and I've got five bucks ? 1900 Liberty Nickel. Choice Extra Fine Circulated , etc. 10/12/2018
I Like Ike (s) ! 1974-S Eisenhower Dollar. Silver Proof. "Brown Bo, etc. 10/11/2018
Good purchasing experience. 1878-S $1 Morgan Silver Dollar. A.U. Details. Old 10/11/2018
Thanks ! 2012-W Proof American Silver Eagle. Top Grade. N, etc. 10/09/2018
Coins are gorgeous!! 1938-D Buffalo Nickel. Gem Brilliant UN-Circulated, etc. 10/05/2018
Nice Presentation of coins. 1994-P Proof American Silver Eagle. Lower Mintage, etc. 10/02/2018
Great products, fast service! 2008-W $1 American Silver Eagle. NGC MS-70. Top Gr, etc. 10/01/2018
Fabulous Selection ! 1857 1C Flying Eagle Penny. Very Good, Circulated , etc. 09/28/2018
PROBLEM FREE TRANSACTION. THANKYOU 1902 $20 National Currency. Bluefield, West Virgi 09/28/2018
Thx for sparing your Barber Dimes ! 1916 Barber Dime. Fine Circulated Coin. Store Sa, etc. 09/28/2018
Thx. Gorgeous coins ! 1993-P Proof American Silver Eagle. Ultra Cameo. , etc. 09/27/2018
Definitely an improved selection, thanks! 2016-S Kennedy Half Dollar. Choice SILVER PROOF Co, etc. 09/26/2018
Great Artisanship, as always ! Thx. ! 2012 2 Coin American Eagle Set. Special Issue., etc. 09/21/2018
POSITIVELY POSITIVE with coins received. Thanks for the effort. 2014-P Kennedy 50th Anniversary Half Dollar. High , etc. 09/21/2018
Gorgeous! 2004-W Proof American Silver Eagle. Choice Eye Ap, etc. 09/19/2018
as advertised, all is good 1972 Washington Quarter, 3 Coin Collection. "P", " 09/17/2018
Thanks for the Eagles ! 2010 American Silver Eagle. PCGS Graded. MS-70. 25, etc. 09/16/2018
The Ultra Cameo add that accent to the Silver Eagle, thanks. 1986-S Proof Silver Eagle. NGC Certified Holder. , etc. 09/16/2018
Thanks for the effort, and most. Appreciated. 1996-P American Silver Eagle. Proof Strike. Nice 09/16/2018
Those Ultra's are gorgeous ! Nice work at the U.S. Mint ! 1993-P Proof American Silver Eagle. Ultra Cameo. , etc. 09/15/2018
As a teenager, I saw JFK campaigning at a local shopping center, for President ! 1996-S Kennedy Half Dollar. Choice SILVER PROOF Co, etc. 09/14/2018
The coins still amaze me at their artistry and beauty ! 2010 American Silver Eagle. ANACS Certified. MS-7, etc. 09/14/2018
Received product in the quality expected. 1970-S 1C Lincoln Memorial Penny. Small Date. (Com, etc. 09/14/2018
Gorgeous Eagles, thanks! 1998-P Proof American Silver Eagle. NGC Certified, etc. 09/13/2018
Absolute gorgeous coins, thanks ! 2001 American Buffalo Silver Commemorative, 2 Coin 09/12/2018
Like the "plain English" description of the coins, besides the normal grading. 1865 Three Cent Copper Nickel (CN). Nice Problem F, etc. 09/12/2018
Thanks for the listing ! 1997-P American Proof Silver Eagle. NGC PF-69 Ult, etc. 09/10/2018
Exactl. Perfection. 2014-W Kennedy Silver Half Dollar. High Relief, Re 09/10/2018
Thx. 2014-S Kennedy Half Dollar. Choice SILVER PROOF Co, etc. 09/08/2018
Always been GREAT! Thx ☺ 2014-P Kennedy 50th Anniversary Half Dollar. High , etc. 09/07/2018
Speedy processing, fair pricing, quick delivery 1934-D Lincoln Wheat Cents 09/07/2018
All the best quality and efforts received. 2014-W Kennedy Silver Half Dollar. High Relief, Re 09/04/2018
Went smoothly, although hunting for alternative way to pay (MC), at times, was hard to find. 1917-S Standing Liberty Quarter. Type-2, Certifie, etc. 09/01/2018
Thx ! 2014-W Kennedy Silver Half Dollar. High Relief, Re 08/25/2018
Nice Coins. 1892 Liberty Head Dime, Also Known as Barber Dime', etc. 08/23/2018
Nice coins. 1893 Barber Dime. Very Good Circulated Coin. Sto, etc. 08/23/2018
Very nice coins fir my collection and they were as described. Thank you. 1934-D Mercury Dime. Good Circulated Coin. Store S, etc. 08/05/2018
Picture of coin was clear. Good fair price. Shipped fast. All around good experience. 1844 Canada, Bank Of Montreal, Half Penny Token. 07/30/2018
Was happy to find a Black Eagle Dollar in very fine condition and reduced price from 250 to 175 1899 $1 Black Eagle, Silver Certificate * Nice Col 07/25/2018
Thanks integrity1 for helping me fill gap in my collection. Very nice merc dime & help as needed! 1925-D Mercury Silver Dime. Good Circulated Coin. 07/11/2018
Thank you for your product 1997 American Silver Eagle. Choice Coin. NGC Cer 07/05/2018
Very happy with what I received. 1891 Indian Head Penny. About UN-Circulated Coin., etc. 06/24/2018
Fast shipping very pleased 1970-S 1C Lincoln Memorial Penny. Small Date. (Com 06/01/2018
Item arrived promptly and is as advertised. Thank you! 90% Silver Sale. 50 Roosevelt Dimes. 1 Roll. All 05/02/2018
need more information on using Pay Pal

Seller's reply: Please ask via e-mail or a phone call, instead of using Neutral feedback.
1898 Liberty Nickel. Choice Very Fine Circulated C 04/27/2018
This is a great up grade for my collection 1924-S Standing Liberty Quarter. Nice Extra Fine C 04/24/2018
Good product and fast delivery. Just FYI - the coins do not come in an actual 'roll'. 90% Silver Sale. 50 Coin Roll. = $5 Face Value. 04/05/2018
Easy order and quick shipment. 1886 Indian Head Cents. Type 1. Choice Eye Appeal. 03/28/2018
Great transaction, fast shipping! Thank you! 1840 50C Liberty Seated Half Dollar. Very Good Cir 03/22/2018
Fast ship! Great service! Great price! Great item! Thank you 2008-P Presidential Dollar, "Andrew Jackson" BU 03/21/2018
I liked that the shipping charges was on the entire purchase and not on each item. 1939-D Jefferson Nickel. Good Circulated Coin. St, etc. 03/18/2018
Very. NIce penny and well satisfied thank you 1900 1C Indian Head Penny. Large Inventory Circula 03/17/2018
nice thanks 1896 Morgan Silver Dollar. Slight, Even, Toning. 03/10/2018
Beautiful coin at the right price. Would do business again with this seller 1994 American Silver Eagle. NGC Certified MS 69. 03/02/2018
I was only needing one of the set however the price was right. Thanks for the speedy delivery. 1982 Lincoln Memorial Penny. 7 Coin Set. 03/01/2018
Quick shipping 1908 $10 Gold Indian. Ten Dollar Eagle. Extra Fin 02/27/2018
Richard has the best product and prices 1862 $1 Virginia Treasury Note, Obsolete Currency., etc. 02/24/2018
A+ 1928 $50 Federal Reserve Note. Chicago. PMG VF-3, etc. 02/13/2018
Thanks, nice coin 1996-P $1 Proof American Silver Eagle. NGC PF-69 02/07/2018
very nice...actually a perfect coin...pleasantly surprised..happy i bought it 1999-P American Proof Silver Eagle. NGC Graded PF 02/03/2018
Perfect transaction from the first click to the last to the "very" speedy delivery. 2000-P Proof American Silver Eagle. NGC Graded PF 01/28/2018
I'm a happy camper. 1968 U.S. Mint Set. Complete with Philidelphia and, etc. 01/26/2018
As stated. No problems 2016 $1 American Silver Eagle. Brilliant UN-Circul 01/19/2018
Smooth transaction. Shipped fast. Coins as described. I have no issues with this transaction. 5 star 2013 (S) American Silver Eagle. First Strike. PC, etc. 01/13/2018
Love the coin set thanking of buying another one. Great service keep up the good work. Eisenhower Dollar Collection - Complete 1971-1978 01/07/2018
fast service 2017 $1 American Silver Eagle - Ready to Ship - In 12/29/2017
Very fast transaction, accurate description, very good price, thank you! :) 1864 10 Cent Fractional Currency - Well Circulated 12/19/2017
Fast, well packaged. Perfect transaction and communication, Order received better than expected!!! 1923 $1.00 Large Size Silver Certificate. "Horse 12/18/2017
Professional and prompt 1842 50C Liberty Seated Half Dollar. Full Liberty. 12/16/2017
Prompt delivery and coin as described. 1932-D Lincoln Wheat Cents. Fine Circulated Coin. 12/13/2017
Nice looking coin. Will look good in my collection. Thank you. 2012 (S) American Silver Eagle. Struck at San Fra 12/02/2017
good easy 1862 1C Indian Head Cents. Very Pourous, Reduced P 11/29/2017
great service and product 2015 (w) American Silver Eagle. The West Point Min 11/06/2017
Couldn't be more pleased. Exact coin pictured. SUPER FAST SHIPPING THANKS 1913-D 25C Barber Silver Quarter. Very Good Circul 11/02/2017
very satisfied 1864 $20 Civil War Era Currency. Southern States. 10/26/2017
Very satisfied, product was great and shipping was extremely quick! 1899 Large Size - Silver Certificate - Black Eagle 10/14/2017
Nice coin, nice price, quick delivery. All as promised. 1931-D 10C Mercury Silver Dime. Good Circulated Co, etc. 10/13/2017
This is not the coin i paid for. Not the one from the picture. Much worst condition. 1840 50C Liberty Seated Half Dollar. Nice Early Da 10/06/2017
easy process 2008-D Lincoln Memorial Cents, "BU" 09/29/2017
Nice! 1982 Lincoln Memorial Penny. 7 Coin Set. 09/19/2017
Thank you very much it's a gorgeous coin you got to love the Morgans 1884-O Morgan Silver Dollar. Problem Free From Idl 08/22/2017
This was a perfect and easy transaction. I would definitely do business with Integrity Coins again. 1851 1/2C Half Cent Struck On An Underweight Planc 08/16/2017
Great service, fast delivery, item was as described Very Happy 1899 $1 Silver Certificate. Large Note. Certified 08/03/2017
The seller respected my need for discretion (it was a gift) and the item came protected. Very happy. 1863 $5 Bank Note - Southern U.S. - Civil War Curr 07/13/2017
product was as described, very fast service, great seller! A++++ 1975 U.S. Mint Set. Complete Issued By Government, 07/03/2017
Great store, You get more than your moneys worth. If they don't an item I got a free gift instead $1.00 Face value Silver Bullion. 90% Silver Sale, etc. 11/03/2015
Extremely fast shipping and had two or three nice pennies better than I expected. 1943 Lincoln Steel Wheat Cents. 50 Coin Rolls. A 10/04/2015
Nice coins and a great seller! Excess shipping cost refunded in a most acceptable manner! 1942-D Jefferson Nickel. Circulated Coin. CS#7476, etc. 06/05/2015
the worst place to deal with Lincoln Wheat Pennies. 5,000 Count Bags. 04/15/2015
Made up for delay in shipping by enclosing a $5 silver certificate. Awesomeness, no extra charge! 1943 Lincoln Steel Wheat Cents. 50 Coin Rolls. A 12/15/2014
5 stars. 1943 Lincoln Steel Wheat Cents. 50 Coin Rolls. A 10/27/2014
Item arrived just as described with a very nice specimen right on top. Great price/service. 1943 Lincoln Steel Wheat Cents. 50 Coin Rolls. A 03/11/2014
ensure you read the sellers comment about contacting them before buying to ensure availability. 1885 Morgan Silver Dollar. Choice Circulated Coin. 12/27/2012
Thank you .999 Silver Rounds 12/21/2012
Thanks! 1893 Columbian Half Dollar 12/12/2012
great seller cheap shipping!! $1.00 Face, 90% Silver, 10 Mercury Dimes, No Culls 12/01/2012
Thank you! Good Communication! Honest Seller! 2008-S Kennedy Half Dollar. "CLAD PROOF" 10/25/2012
Great product... Great service. Max Stapler. Hand Held. (CHOICE) 06/07/2012
got what was ordered. Could not be happier Silver American Eagles. 03/30/2012
nice coin thanks... I may contact u about 2012 pres.dollar coins 2008-D Sacagawea Dollar. "Choice BU" 02/24/2012
Did not ship the coin.

Seller's reply: coin was sold prior to removal. Prompt Refund Given
1893 Morgan Silver Dollar. Choice UN-Circulated. 02/20/2012
Excellent transaction. Item arrived quickly. Received exactly what I purchased. 1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar. "Choice UN-Circulate 01/06/2012
Did not have coin.

Seller's reply: Sold prior to removal, Prompt refund was issued.
1814 Capped Bust Half Dollar. 10/19/2011
nice coin-- thank you 1974-S Eisenhower Dollar. CHOICE CLAD PROOF. 09/29/2011
Just as described. Thanks. Plastic Coin Tubes. All Sizes in stock 07/08/2011
Refunded my money with a lame excuse. Do not use!

Seller's reply: Out of Stock item, Prompt refund was issued.
1884 Morgan Dollar. Extra Fine Circulated. #1130 04/25/2011
NICE COIN, GOOD COMMUNICATION, WOULD BUY FROM AGAIN 1971 Einshower Silver Dollar 04/21/2011
Good coin 1921-D Mercury Dime. Circulated/Raw 04/19/2011
Excellent ! Wish all were this honest !! 1892-S Morgan Silver Dollar. Fine Plus Circulated 04/09/2011
if you don't have a product remove the listing, very poorly run operation use another seller

Seller's reply: We have over 5,000 coins listed, sometimes they sell out. Thats a good thing.
1971 Einshower Silver Dollar 04/07/2011
excellent transaction and product 1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar. **XF DETAILS** 04/07/2011
Beautiful coin, great price, fast shipping!!! Thank you! 1893 Columbian Half Dollar 04/01/2011
Nice Coins shipped at lightning speed 1893 Columbian Half Dollar, etc. 03/30/2011
Good product exactly as described, great price, fast delivery, would buy from this seller again. 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 Coin Holder, fits "American Eagle" 03/03/2011
The seller gave a conservative grading for the coins. I hope to deal with him again. Franklin Half Dollar Set. UN-Circulated. 02/05/2011
never shipped. never replied. opened paypal case. stay away.

Seller's reply: $2.65 item, Prompt refund was issued? HUH?
2008-S Lincoln Memorial Cents, Choice Proof. 01/13/2011
great coin, will buy from again, A++++ 1858 Seated Liberty Dime. PCGS GRADED 12/16/2010
great coin, thanks! 1899-O Morgan Silver Dollar, AU - Circulated Coin. 11/30/2010
great coins, would buy from again. 1961 Silver Year Set. UN-Circulated 11/30/2010
Great Seller to Deal With 2004-S Kennedy Silver Half Dollar. **Silver Proof, etc. 11/15/2010
very nice 1963 or 1966 $5.00 Red Seals. U.S. Notes. 11/08/2010
great dollar, fast shipping, would buy from again, A++++++++++++++++ 1897-S Morgan Dollar. NGC Graded "MS-63" 10/28/2010
All is good with this seller. 2002 American Eagle, $5.00 Gold, ** MS-70 ** 10/07/2010
Sent wrong year coin; sent a 2002 instead of 2005. Otherwise great transaction all around. 2005 American Eagle, $5.00 Gold, ** MS-70 ** 09/17/2010
After I bought and paid for item via Pay-Pal Seller Reniged on me.. Never Buy from again...

Seller's reply: We are a Store Front, Coins Come and Go, We do Make every effort to Please.
25 cent fractional currency 08/24/2010
just as pictured. 5-star. 1891-CC Morgan Silver Dollar. "CARSON CITY", etc. 07/21/2010
Great Seller 1996-S Lincoln Memorial Cents, Choice Proof., etc. 06/14/2010
Fast Shipping! Good Communication! A++ Service! 50 Cent Fractional Currency 05/26/2010
Very responsive to my emails and questions. Received product in less than a week. Excellent experie 1923-S Peace Silver Dollar. MS-62, etc. 04/15/2010
Service was excellent. 1887-O. Morgan Silver Dollar. **AU-53** PCGS**, etc. 01/28/2010
Items were as described and fast delivery. Would do business with seller again. 90% SILVER DIMES. 12/30/2009
I wanted to use a promo code and couldn't, and was forced to pay full price for the items!!

Seller's reply: Never Offered or Accepted Promo Codes, What? Neg feedback?
1888 Morgan Silver Dollar. XF-45, etc. 12/28/2009
very user friendly 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. Roll 08/25/2009
fast communication and follow through staple 06/14/2009